About Me

My name is Brittney and I'm a full-time photographer and part-time knitter. Sometimes I wish it were the other way around though! I do other things too. Like play the guitar and the piano. I love to read, and I love to bake. I'm 20, and I already own my own business. I was destined to do so, however. You see, my sister owns her own business, as do my parents. I fell into it a little earlier though. I skipped college, and started right into forming a career with what I love to do. AND BINGO, I'm a photographer! TA-DA!
I will be writing about knitting, obviously. Along with random rants on food or whatever else I feel like talking about.

I'm engaged to a wonderful amazing man! His name is Miles. He's my best friend, and my assistant :)

OH! I have a website too! www.poppyphoto.com  You should check it out, then be my friend on facebook. Because really now, a real friend is a facebook friend...right???