Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Let's add some pressure to the cooker!

I have suddenly felt an overwhelming feeling that I have taken on an impossible task! With only 3 of my knitting gifts barely half done, I'm wondering if I can actually do it. Needless to say my christmas list has gotten shorter. Now it only includes my immediate family and my fiance! Unfortunately I won't be able to upload any pictures until after Christmas of certain gifts! My fiance and sister check my blog (maybe less frequently then I'm told...but I won't risk it!)
For now I will ask for some positive words of encouragement! Please?! Hopefully I will be able to upload some pictures of my mothers gift soon! She doesn't check my blog!


  1. Christmas is a mad, insane time for knitters. You can DO it Brittney!!!!

  2. You can do it, little by little...there's still lots of time, and once the Christmas music starts playing in full swing and there's snow on the ground outside, you'll be so excited to hunker down on a cozy couch and knit, knit, knit!