Friday, October 15, 2010

Pumpkins, knitting, and a little thing called a neti pot

My oh my how busy I have been! So busy that I haven't even been able to blog! That's a lie. I haven't been busy at all. I wish I was busy. But instead I was sick. So sick I think death was knocking at my front door (I am being a little dramatic!). But now I am better!! Thanks to a wonderful invention called a neti pot! My sinuses were so congested and I was in so much pain that I had no idea how to solve the problem. I tried to go to the doctor but no dice. "We just treat sinus infections as if they were the common cold"....Yeah, easy for you to say Doc! Let's see what you do when your face is in pain and you can barely function. :sigh: So I took problems into my own hands. I went to facebook and asked all my friends of possible solutions to help with sinus pain and pressure. The most popular response was using a neti pot. I have heard of neti pots before and was always terrified to use them. To be perfectly honest the thought of liquid going into one nostril, and then flowing out the other completely grossed me out. But I figured "what could it hurt?". Out to the pharmacy I went and picked up the cheapest neti pot I could find. Ran home...filled it with water and the solution...tilted my head, closed my eyes, and just let it flow. Within 10 minutes I was feeling completely better. Thank you facebook friends! And thank you neti pot! For all your skeptics out really does work! I would recommend it to anyone!

So now it is time to catch everyone up on the past weeks activities!! Last Saturday my sister hosted a free cupcake day at the resteraunt/cafe she bakes out of! HELLO FREE CUPCAKES! She makes magic happen in the kitchen. It really is amazing!!
She made some amazing pumpkin cupcakes. And apple flavored. It was amazing!

There she is in all her glory!

After I went to free cupcake day, my wonderful man and I went on an adventure to the Scituate Art Festival. Now I don't expect most people in Blogger world to know what that is, but I'm sure you can all guess its a festival of the arts. A lot of hand crafted items, paintings, and food. I live right near a little town called Scituate. It really is your A-typical small town country setting. Super cute and absolutely beautiful during this fall season. Everyone there is really friendly too. The festival was ok. I've seen a lot of the things before, and as usual it was incredibly over-priced. But Miles had never been and it was nice to take him to it. 

The reason why I managed to get so sick is because last Sunday, my family and I went out to pick some pumpkins. Along the way we decided to take a little hay ride for my nephew. As soon as I saw all the dust floating in the air I thought "oh goodness...I am going to be in so much pain tomorrow". But I have to say, it was definitely worth it!! We all had such a blast! We got a pumpkin for my nephew, ate some amazing curly fries, and the atmosphere was filled with the love of my family.
The farm we went to was Schartner's farm (pronounces Shatners farm...or if you're a true Rhode Islander Shahtna's fahm.)

All done! I ate an entire large order of curly fries!!!

Nolans spider ring. He's getting into the spirit of Halloween!! 

Hello little Alpaca...Can I shave you and use your wool to knit with? Pretty please?!?

Ok! Now lets get down to business. I know I said I finished my scarf. Now it's time to post pictures of it! Thanks to Miles for the great pictures! This scarf is INCREDIBLY warm!!

Bo wanted to try it on

My fiance loves my knitting abilities :)

All of my christmas gifts are coming along smoothly so far! I'm working on my mom's and sisters. One requires 200 stitches to be cast on, and then increased to 600 stitches. I really don't enjoy working with that many stitches on one needle. But it's surprisingly going very quickly and I am almost half way done with that one! My gloves are also finished!! I absolutely LOVEEEEE them and wore them to my nephews hockey practice the other night. They kept my hands nice and toasty. And I got to show them off to everyone! I will have pictures of those this weekend :)

Ahhh! It feels so good to catch up on everything. I have been very productive today now that I'm feeling better!! This weekend will be nice! Miles is coming to visit and he has a couple of interviews to go on! He will be officially moving back home as of November 1st!!! And it's my birthday weekend! 

So what has everyone out in blogger world been up to? Fall is in full swing and I'm curious as to what everyone's fall activities have been! Bake any good pies? Take any good pictures of trees? Start any new knitting projects? I'd love to hear all about it!


  1. I love your scarf! All your pictures are so beautiful - I'm jealous!! I need a few tips for taking better photos of my work and myself!

    I haven't been up to too many fall things...except for being curled up on the couch in a sweatshirt with a head cold. But even this makes me happier than the HOT weather this summer! Hope to see you and Miles soon!

  2. your scarf is really lovely, well done.
    I use a sinus rinse solution too, its neilmed with a squeezy bottle. once you are used to the idea of squirting water up your nose, and know how good it feels afterwards, you soon do it without batting an eyelid.
    joy xx

  3. Funny, one of my nephews' is also a Nolan :) Great work on the scarf. I especially love the heart-shaped picture :)