Saturday, October 2, 2010

Sweet October

Happy October everyone!! My favorite month out of the whole year!!! I can tell my spirits are up and I'm incredibly happy because it's October. Within the past two days I have done very Octobery things! Yesterday I made a WONDERFUL apple pie with my mom! I haven't tried it yet, but after dinner tonight we will all be sitting down to a nice piece of apple pie with whipped cream on it!
Apples apples apples!!!

I looked down to see that an apple was smiling at me!

My mom, and the pie we worked so hard at!

Finished! If heaven had a taste, it would taste like apple pie!!!

I love apple pie. It is one of my favorite desserts in the whole world!!! Today, to add to the October-festivities, we went to get some pumpkins to decorate the farm with. Unfortunately we didn't have any pumpkins this year. The harvest died about halfway through the summer. Next year we have to plant in a different location. But we are planning on going bigger. MUCH bigger. But there's this great place near my house that has really cheap pumpkins and squash! Some of their stuff is really funky! 

These are snake gourds. GIANT snake gourds! So big they had to hang them from a tree!

And this is giant squash!!! They were almost as big as me!

My day wouldn't be complete without some knitting-related adventures. And lucky for me I stumbled upon a little ad in our local paper about a yarn shop! You see, living out in the middle of nowhere makes it a little difficult to find some great yarn shops, so I was totally ecstatic when I read the ad, and had to go right away! It was a teeny tiny shop run out of a house, but they had some great yarn! And a fantastic selection of natural fiber yarn (my favorite type). And their prices were extremely reasonable. Here's what I ended up with:
5 skeins total. 2 skeins Lush Angora wool yarn in an emerald green/blueish color.

2 skeins of Berroco 53% New wool/47% Acrylic yarn. I'm thinking of making some gloves or mittens out of these bad boys!

One skein Aslantrends 85% merino wool/15% polyamide. It's got a beautiful earth tone to it with lots of blues and browns and greens.

Thanks Sue!

Buying yarn is an addiction that I have to avoid. My wallet wasn't too pleased with me. BUT, I should be set for awhile with yarn! Now I just need to finish my scarf so I can get started on new projects. Like those gloves I want to make :)

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