Thursday, October 21, 2010

Yarn winders, Umbrella swifts, and Lenny

This past weekend was so much fun!! I did so much! Miles got a job (FINALLY!) so he will be moving back to Rhode Island as of November 1st. Let's just say I'm incredibly happy about that!! Though there may still be a lot of obstacles we have to overcome, at least now we will be able to overcome them together!

Sunday I had a great engagement session with a bride whose wedding I will be shooting on October 30th. It will be a masquerade wedding and I am incredibly excited about that! It will be a great addition to my portfolio. Plus I love fun weddings! My wedding will be very fun. We plan on having the ceremony be less than 10 minutes (I've never met anyone who actually ENJOYS sitting through a 45 minute ceremony at a church), and there will be lots of alcohol for everyone! Here's a preview from my session from Sunday

Although I wasn't feeling completely up to par, the shoot was pretty successful and went by very quickly. Those two boys on the end were so much fun and I got some great pictures of them! By the time the session was over I was tired and had a pretty bad migraine though. So once Miles and I got home I just wanted to stay in and cuddle. Which worked out great! We made lots of good food and carved a pumpkin together! I believe this is our second pumpkin carving as a couple! Miles wanted to take me to a bar at 12 a.m Sunday night for my Birthday which was Monday. Seeing as how I was turning 21 (legal in the states to drink), he wanted to buy me my first drink. Now don't get my wrong, I love my glass of wine, but I'm not a bar goer. Or a heavy drinker. I objected against the idea and we stayed in and cleaned up pumpkin guts at 12 am! How romantic!! But I have to say, I wouldn't have changed a single thing. I got some great creative energy out through pumpkin carving, and I got to spend it with my love!
We watched horror movies the whole time!!

We named our pumpkin Lenny. Not sure why, but it just looked like a Lenny to me! I originally wanted to name it George, but Lenny fit better!!

As I said before, Monday was my birthday. And I have to say, there are certain times that Miles REALLY impresses me. You know when a guy really goes the extra 10 (or 20) miles! That's what Miles did for my birthday. About 2 months ago I told him I wanted an umbrella swift and Yarn ball winder. It was just something I brought up in casual conversation while I was going on some rant about knitting and how much I enjoy it. Well...this wonderful man remembered it! He actually stored it somewhere deep down in his memory bank until my birthday! And he bought them for my birthday gift! Really now! What guy does that?!

I was so happy and excited that I had to try it out right away!!!! I was completely shocked that Miles actually bought me these two items :) Other things I got for my birthday was a great knitting pattern book and craft book from my sister, and a portfolio to add pictures into. My whole family was there for my birthday and we had a yummy family dinner! Then went on a spooky walk to my neighbors house to look at their halloween decorations (my nephew didn't even get scared!).

It really was a wonderful time! Now to get down to business! What I'm really here for! I know awhile ago I mentioned that I finished my mittens. Well now it's time for PICTURES!! yay!

I am really happy with the color combination!

Perfect for an engagement ring don't you think?

I took these bad boys on a test run to my nephews hockey practice. They were incredibly warm. And even though my fingers were completely exposed they stayed warm because the palm of my hand was so toasty! I PROMISE I will upload the pattern to these within the next couple days! I have it written down in my notebook which is currently missing in action! 

So what's the best birthday gift you've ever received? 


  1. You have your own swift and winder! You are now a Knitter with a capital "K" :)

  2. Happy Birthday, B! The best gift I've ever gotten: My crafty friend Adj showed up at my house on my 23rd 1/2 birthday with a dress form just for me! It was so thoughtful and surprising (a half birthday!) and having it here has really pushed me to start learning about making clothing.

  3. Happy Birthday! It's hard to single out one birthday gift as being the best one. I have already enjoyed my birthday gift for my 50th birthday, which isn't until next March. It was a trip with a friend to New Mexico for 5 days - and my parents, my husband, and my children took care of everything (and funded it!) while I was gone. It was great!